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Minecraft Warden Interactive Action Figure

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minecraft játékfigura

From the depths of darkness comes a heartbeat, again and again... growing faster and faster... Suddenly, a rumble and the ground opens up, revealing the WARDEN!

The interactive Minecraft Warden action figure stands 15.2 cm tall and is an intricately detailed replica of the character from the Minecraft video game. Its arms, legs, and head are poseable, and its chest lights up and emits sounds when a button is pressed. With a quick press of the button on its chest, you'll hear a distinct sound from our Guardian; pressing and holding the button activates the Warden's hunt mode, accompanied by eerie heartbeats and animated faces on its chest. The figure is compatible in size with other Minecraft Mattel figures, making it a great addition to any collection!

While this monster may seem terrifying on paper, it is actually one of the most beloved characters among children, thanks to its thrilling gameplay and near-impossible defeat. Overall, this Minecraft Warden interactive action figure is a perfect gift for Minecraft enthusiasts, and it comes in a super cool package!

Size: 15 cm tall
Material: Plastic
Manufacturer: Mattel
Recommended for ages 6 and up
Includes batteries, but can be replaced with 3 button cell batteries

Original Minecraft license

Check out this sneak peek video of the Minecraft Warden action figure:

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