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Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon and Steve Figures Game Set

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Minecraft ajándéktárgy kategória

Destroy the Ender Dragon!
The main character of Minecraft, Steve, is ready to fight and defeat the Minecraft world's main villain, the Ender Dragon. Steve, with his enchanted armor, enchanted bow, and arrow, travels to the End to fight the 55cm Ender Dragon! He must be careful because the dragon's roar is nothing compared to its destructive power. The premium-quality game set is well-crafted to match the Minecraft world. The characters' bodies feature pixelated designs as if they came to life from the computer world. The dragon needs to be assembled first, and then its tail, neck, wings, and legs are all movable. You can even simulate flying with it. The spikes on the dragon's back hide three buttons.

  • Pressing one button makes the Ender Dragon roar,
  • pressing the second button makes its eyes light up, its mouth open, and it roars while emitting purple light from its throat,
  • pressing the third button simulates its breath attack as smoke comes out of its mouth! (Water needs to be put into the dragon's head, which steams out when pressing the button, simulating the emission of purple smoke)

If the dragon's attack hits, the white part of Steve's armor turns red as if he were injured (the white spot on his chest turns red from water). Steve also has a pumpkin block that can be put on his head, hoping that the dragon won't notice if he wears it. The whole set is of high quality - thanks to the manufacturer, Mattel - and guarantees many hours of playtime for children!

Size: Steve ~8cm, Ender Dragon ~55cm
(Box dimensions: 45 x 30 x 10cm)
Material: plastic
Sound and light effects
Manufacturer: Mattel
Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
Required for ages 6+

Original Minecraft license

Demo video for the Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon game set

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