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Minecraft Card Game Free


Ingyenesen letölthető Minecraft kártyajáték! A Retró autóskártya stílusban elkészített Minecraftos kártyákkal órákat játszhattok. Töltsd le ingyen! Rajongóknak kötelező!

Do you remember "car cards" when you compared the cards based on their top speed or power value and the stronger one won?

We have now created a free Minecraft card game for you and your fan child, featuring 36 different Minecraft characters! You can find the boss-type Wardent with 9 lives, or Netherite armor-clad Steve with 8 strength! Take a look at our gallery, and if you feel like playing, you can get the whole pack immediately with the download button!

Get all 36 Minecraft cards here: DOWNLOAD

9 standard A4-sized PDF files are instantly printable. After printing, cut them out and either stick them together with the backs or laminate them for durability. The cards are made based on the general French card size.

minecraft kártyajáték ingyenesen letölthető

Game rules: (also available for download) In the value-based Minecraft card game, each player (2-4) starts with an equal number of cards. Players take turns, and the winner of the round is the player whose chosen value (strength, life, speed, intelligence) is the highest. If two cards have the same value, a "war" occurs, and both players take the value of the next card in line. The game ends when one player loses all of their cards, or when the players agree to end the game. The winner is the one who collects the most cards.

Have fun!

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Get all 36 Minecraft cards here: DOWNLOAD

Here you can preview all 36 cards of the Minecraft Card Game.

minecraft kártyajáték

minecraft kártyapakli gyerekjáték minecraftos autóskártya kártyajáték

minecraft kártyapakli játékkártya

minecraftos kártyák teljes pakli letölthető minecraft kártya

Minecraft Rajongók Figyelem! Szuper MINECRAFT KÁRTYAJÁTÉK lehet a tied ingyen! Csak letöltöd, kinyomtatod és már játszhatsz is a barátaiddal!

The free downloadable Minecraft card game is a game created by the website operator, and is not an official Mojang product. Commercial selling of the cards and uploading them to other websites is prohibited and punishable. Created in February 2023.

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