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Minecraft Creeper-TNT 3-piece school bag set

Discount: 5%
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Minecraft szelektálható szendvicsdoboz Minecraft divided snack box - lunch box
Minecraftos aluminium gyerek kulacs iskolába Minecraft TNT aluminum bottle 400ml
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Bag description:
Super sturdy, spine-friendly Minecraft school bag. The bag is decorated with the iconic creature of Minecraft, the Creeper, with a combination of vibrant green and black colors, along with an image of the TNT block, which refers to the Creeper's explosion. Next to the large official Minecraft logo, you can read the Time to Mine inscription. The school bag consists of 3 easily manageable zippered compartments: the main compartment contains a small wallet with a zippered pocket, the front compartment has several pockets and a zippered pocket to help organize small items. There are also two elastic mesh pockets on the sides to facilitate comfortable packing, which are excellent for holding water bottles. The zippers are quick and easy to use and decorated with the Minecraft logo. This premium school bag is truly sturdy and practical, with an ergonomic design featuring thick spine-saving breathing pads, padded shoulder straps that are adjustable in length, and can even be connected with a small buckle. The bag has a reinforced yet soft handle on the top, and reflective prisms on different parts of the bag.

This bag is a perfect and comfortable choice for first graders, lower-grade elementary school students who carry their many schoolbooks every day!

Material: 100% polyester
Size: 39 x 27 x 15 cm

Pencil case description:
Oval, zippered, high-quality Minecraft pencil case. The interior of the pencil case is styled with green pixels throughout. Its fold-out tongue has a velcro strap and can hold 20 pens and pencils with elastic loops, but there is also plenty of room for more stationery at the bottom. Inside, there are two smaller pockets and a larger zippered pocket. The exterior of the case features a large Minecraft logo, the iconic face of the Creeper monster from Minecraft, twice, and a TNT block related to it (in the game, the Creeper can explode). The zipper is easy to use, and the red TNT inscription on the zipper tab refers to the TNT block. The Time to Mine inscription is visible on the back. The Minecraft school supply side is rigid and provides support, so you can keep your stationery safe and secure. It is a great choice for those who want to keep their pencils, pens, and school supplies organized!

Material: 100% polyester
Size: 22 x 11 x 6 cm

Gym bag description:
Black-green color, drawstring, large, stronger material Minecraft gym bag. Thanks to its size of 43 x 33 cm, it can hold your gym, swim, or tennis gear, but can also be used as a simple small bag for everyday use. The front of the gym bag features the Minecraft logo, a Creeper head, and a TNT block with the Time to Mine inscription.

Material: 100% polyester Size: 43 x 33 cm

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