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Frequently asked questions and answers

What does it mean that the product is in stock?
It is a priority for us to sell only products that are in stock.

How fast is the order shipped?
Within 6-10 business days officially, but it is important to us that you receive your order as soon as possible.

What does the expected delivery mean for the products?
Delivery times vary by country so just assume an arrival date.

Is it possible to pick it up in person?
Unfortunately, we don’t have a physical store yet, so there’s no way to do that.

Credit card payment failed via B-Payment, what should I do?
Unfortunately, the B-Payment system may crash, you may close the website, or forget your security code. In this case, you will find the information required for the direct bank transfer in the e-mail confirming the order.
What does the "in progress" status mean?
We have begun collecting your order, it is being processed.

What does "ready" status mean?
Your order has been compiled, packaged, we are waiting for delivery to the courier.

What does "delivery" status mean?
We have delivered your order to the courier, which is expected to ship to you within 6-10 business days

What should I do if I don't like the product and want to send it back?
You have 14 days to cancel your order after receiving the product. Please indicate your intention to withdraw to the e-mail address (no form required) In case of cancellation, return the ordered goods to us in the undamaged condition, in the original packaging, together with the invoice. The cost of returning the undamaged product will be borne by the buyer, and the full amount paid for the ordered product will be refunded to the bank account number provided by you.
Is there a guarantee for the products?
Of course, the defective product will be replaced or refunded - if sold out. Please indicate it in any way at the e-mail address
Can I request my order at a later date?
Yes, but in this case, please complete your order by bank transfer or credit card payment, please note in the comments when you want it.

Is it possible to pay by cash on delivery?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to request a cash on delivery payment abroad.
(only in Hungary)